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          About usBeing practical, creative, cooperative, and mutual-benefited

          About us

          Located in Haining Warp Knitting Industrial Park, Haining Hongchen Warp Knitting Co., Ltd. enjoys good location for we are only 110km, 40km and 61km away from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, Zhapu port and Hangzhou City respectively. Therefore, we also enjoy a 3-D traffic network consisted of railways, highways, aviation and waterways.

          Equipped with the leading warp knitting machines and related facilities from KARL MAYER, we now mainly produce all kinds of warp knitting fabrics such as Super-soft Short Floss, common Short Floss, super soft velvet with spandex, Warp-knitted velvet, Cation fabrics and so on; the weight is about 180g/m2--430g/m2, breadth is from 110cm to 230cm, and the floss height is 0.8—8mm. Moreover, we also provide all kinds of finished treatments, including composite, double-sided fleece, ribbing, hot stamping, embossing, bar spray, brushing, clipping and carving, steaming, printing, discharge printing and flame retardant, etc. Now, these processing methods can be used in Sofa fabrics, Bedding, Garment fabric and so forth. To meet customers' demands with special requirements, we also are able to provide custom-made service. Up to now, we have established long-term cooperative relationships with our customers, and our products are well sold USA, Europe, Australia and Southeast Asia, etc. We are receiving a high reputation in this industry!

          Following market demands, we are working for meeting customers' demands. Sticking to such business idea of "being practical, creative, cooperative, and mutual-benefited", Hongchen looks forward to cooperating with customers all over the world for creating a bright future together!

          The traffic is very convenient
          According to the actual requirements of customers to design
          Products are exported to foreign regions
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